Honors Enrichment Opportunities


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Honors enrichment funds are available to Honors College students to assist with activities related to their academic or professional pursuits. These funds are available thanks to the generosity of donors to the Honors College and include the following dedicated funds provided by donors. Proposals that do not meet the following criteria are considered for general enrichment funds.

  • Badmus Family Honors College Engineering Enrichment Fund – Preference for students majoring in the College of Engineering with special consideration given to those from historically underrepresented populations.
  • Bottorff Honors Enrichment Fund for Lerner Students – Preference for students enrolled in the Lerner College of Business and Economics.
  • Eagleson Memorial Honors Enrichment Fund – Preferred emphasis on activities related to the humanities, consisting of languages, the arts, literature, philosophy, and history.
  • Joan H. Digby, ’65 Honors College Enrichment Fund – Preferred emphasis on activities involving national programs.
  • Christine and David Schultz Honors Enrichment Fund – Preferred emphasis for students with financial need whose interests focus on social justice, the environment, and other concerns that advance the greater good of the community.


Student Eligibility:

  • Full-time Honors College students with an established cumulative grade point average of at least 3.40 at the time of application
  • Students should be in good standing with the Community Standards & Conflict Resolution department
  • Activities must be completed prior to graduation
  • Activities in locations with a Level 3 or higher travel warning as seen on the US State Department’s travel warning page are typically not eligible unless exceptions are granted through UD’s Risk and Security Assessment Committee.
  • Some funds are available specifically for those with financial need.


Time Line:

Applications are available year-round with a priority deadline each fall and spring. Students are encouraged to apply in a timely manner because funds are limited.


Common enrichment fund expenses:

  • Transportation
  • Lodging
  • Program registration fees
  • Conference registration fees


Expenses not eligible:

  • Donations and mandatory fundraising for non-profits, service organizations, religious organizations, and other charities
  • Tuition costs, salaries, payments to individuals, hardware or equipment such as computers, musical instruments, or recording devices
  • Alternative spring break trips through UDAB or other University departments


Tips for the application:

  • Students seeking funding for Undergraduate Research/Senior Thesis related activities should first explore funding options through the Office of Undergraduate Research. If there are remaining expenses not covered by the amount funded by the UR Office, students can apply for supplemental funding through Honors.
  • Requests for independent trips are encouraged and strong applications include confirmed documentation of independent activities. For example, if you will be visiting several libraries in different cities, we would require confirmation of scheduled appointments at those locations.
  • Activities organized through a non-profit organization or other similar entity should be thoroughly researched and documentation should be provided with the application.
  • Medical service trips should be consistent with the guidelines and practices of the American Medical Association or major governing organization for other fields (dental, veterinary, etc.).
  • Students participating in a group activity will be reviewed and receive funding on an independent basis. Each student must submit their own application and expense forms.


Required Attachments:
In addition to the completed application and expense forms, you must submit:

  • An essay, not to exceed two pages, explaining the connection of the enrichment activity to your academic goals, future professional pursuits, and why you are a good candidate.
  • A detailed description of the program/activity for which you are requesting funding.
  • Documentation that verifies the cost of the program (i.e. website printouts, travel agent quotes, mileage estimates for gas costs, etc.). The evaluation committee needs to see how your costs are calculated and where the estimates come from. An expense form is included with the application to help you calculate the amount of your request.
  • One letter of recommendation from a UD faculty member who endorses your proposal and how you would use the funds. This recommendation factors highly into the selection process. The faculty member should specify how this activity connects to your academic and/or professional plans. Additional reference letters may be submitted as support. Honors College staff members may write additional letters of support but may not be the primary reference, other than the Honors College Dean, in their capacity as a faculty recommender.


Additional Notes:

  • Funds are typically provided via reimbursement. If funds are provided in advance, you may be subject to income taxes. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Funds are only provided to students. We will not reimburse faculty, departments, or programs if they make purchases on a student’s behalf.
  • Documentation for all costs related to the use of the funds must be submitted.
  • Students may receive funds for multiple activities and are eligible to receive up to $3,000 during your time as an Honors student.
  • Funding is contingent on the completion of the program or activity.
  • Students are expected to complete pre-activity and post-activity procedures, including a brief program evaluation and a 1-2 page written reflection (maximum of 600 words) illustrated with pictures to potentially post on the Honors College website. You also may include a link to your own blog if you wish, but a blog is not required.
  • When applicable, acknowledgement of funds to Honors College donors is expected and will be facilitated by the Honors College.


Questions? Submit the form below with questions about your application or to request a meeting with an Honors College staff member.

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