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Writing Fellows

Writing Fellows are a dedicated group of undergraduates who assist their peers with developing and improving their writing skills. Central to their mission is the belief that writing is a process. As such, Writing Fellows continually strive to learn new and creative ways of writing and tutoring, while also respecting the individual approaches students and professors employ in their own work.

The Writing Fellows Program trains advanced undergraduates to work one-on-one with student writers in a number of different academic settings. The program rests on two assumptions: 1) Writing is an extended process that generally involves prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing. 2) Instruction works best when it is individualized.

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Teaching Fellows

Honors College Undergraduate Teaching Fellows work with faculty members to support and enhance Honors courses.  These faculty members serve as heads of instruction for their courses and hold ultimate responsibility for all aspects of the course, including grading. Teaching Fellow duties will vary by course, but typically require Fellows to attend scheduled class sessions and support instruction as needed and may include meeting one-on-one with students. Responsibilities range from providing feedback on lab reports or other assignments to helping select readings and leading class discussions. Faculty and Fellows will meet to determine and agree upon the specific responsibilities prior to the start of the semester.

Honors Teaching Fellow appointments are reserved exclusively for Honors students; potential Fellows are nominated by faculty and selected in consultation with the Honors College.  Nomination and selection are based on demonstrated excellence in the course or area of study and the potential for excellence in teaching.