Zoot Suit Rioters Face Court Decision in Los Angeles, 1943

Zoot suiters lined up outside Los Angeles jail en route to court after feud with sailors. Photograph. Los Angeles: June 9, 1943. Library of Congress database.  http://www.loc.gov/resource/cph.3c13319/

This Zoot suit riots photograph is a great source for examining the riots and the unsettled circumstances Mexican Americans faced during World War 2 in America. This photograph was found in the Library of Congress’ database. The photo was taken on June 9, 1943 by an unknown author  and the publisher is also unknown. In 1943, the United States was in the midst of World War 2, a war the United States was fighting for freedom, yet there was conflict domestically regarding freedom and Civil Rights. In the photograph, the Mexican Americans, or Zoot suiters, were chained together in front of a prison bus labeled ‘Sheriff’s Department of Los Angeles County’. The Mexican Americans involved in the Zoot suit riots were about to be took from jail to their court case in Los Angeles. From this photo I can assume the Mexican Americans were unsure of their fate from the observation most of them are staring into another direction, not speaking. None of the Mexican Americans were engaged in conversation with their peers due to their anticipation of their judgement. The looks on their faces show their anxiety and confusion of what their fate could be.

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