Austin Robert Niggebrugge

Austin Niggebrugge is a junior at the University of Delaware who plans to graduate from the University just like his mother, Deanna Niggebrugge. Austin is a History major who plans to graduate with a double minor in English and Entrepreneurship. Austin also happens to be a student-athlete here for the University and plays baseball while following in his father’s footsteps, Robert Niggebrugge, who also played collegiate baseball at Temple University and then went on to play for the Dutch National team in the Olympics. Although Austin majors in History, he plans on becoming a financial planner in Primerica. Austin took a particular interest in this class because his father’s parents were immigrants to the United States and P.O.W.s in the Japanese concentration camps in Indonesia, which was a Dutch colony in WWII. After spending time back in the Netherlands, his father’s parents,(Oma and Opa) moved to Brazil and worked for a Delaware company, DuPont before moving to the United States and settling in Delaware. His mother’s parents (Mimi and Popop) were also of European descent being Italian and Czechoslovakian. Austin has found this class extremely helpful in understanding the perspective of immigrants who came to the United States in search of a better life.

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