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Kayla Pariser and Kaleb Burch Get Hooded!

Kayla Pariser and Kaleb Burch both attended the doctoral hooding ceremony to celebrate the completion of their PhDs! Kayla and Kaleb started pursuing their degrees in the same year and both are now closing out the final chapter in their

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Kayla Pariser Successfully Defends Dissertation!

On April 13th, Kayla Pariser successfully defended her PhD dissertation! Kayla’s work involved both experimental and computational studies on how individuals respond to an adaptive treadmill that modulated speed according to pushoff force and step length. In this project, Kayla

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Kelsey Neal Successfully Defends Dissertation

Kelsey Neal successfully defended her PhD Dissertation on Monday! In her dissertation work, Kelsey utilized motion capture, EMG-driven musculoskeletal models, finite element modeling, and MRI to evaluate how ACL tears effect stresses in knee cartilage and then related this effect

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