Trail Mix

On the trails of UD’s campus or in the residence halls, trail mix can be any nutritious mix of mess-free snacks. Recommended ingredients to stock up on include:

– plastic sandwich bags or reusable containers

– measuring cup for making 1/4 or 1/3 cup servings

– nuts (especially walnuts and almonds)

– dried fruit with no sugar added

– seeds

– pretzels or crackers

– fiber-rich and low-sugar cereals (Kashi GoLean, Total, Cheerios, All-Bran, etc)

Cut-up vegetables or fruit

Veggies are very healthy and low-calorie, so there is no strict limit on serving size. Fruit can be heavy in natural sugar, so try to strike a balance between the two. Great options include:

– carrots

– peppers

– grape tomatoes

– celery

– bananas

– apples

– berries

Make your veggie snack more filling with a portable container of protein-rich hummus.

Crackers, Crisps and Crunch

Soy crisps, available at Trabant and other local markets, are a good option for satisfying crunch as are crackers spread with peanut butter and light, no-butter-added microwave popcorn.