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How to stock your mini fridge!

10 Healthy Choices to keep in your dorm mini-fridge!  Stock your dorm-room fridge with a variety of healthy foods. That way, when you need a quick breakfast or study snack, you'll have plenty of options on hand.        Pair 1 slice of cheese with 100%...

Your Nutritious Grocery List

How can you make the most of the dollars you have and the nutrition you need? Check out our sample grocery list to maximize your next trip to the store.

Eating Healthy On The Go

Do you feel like eating well too often takes a back seat to your busy lifestyle? Here are some snacks you can stock up on to keep you healthy even when life is crazy.

Do you know how to sleep?

Sleep is designed to restore our bodies and energy levels so that we can keep doing the things we love. Are you sleeping for success? If not, what small adjustments can make a big difference in your life? Poor sleeping habits keep our brains from building the capacity...