About the Partnership for Healthy Communities

Our Vision:  Healthy, Thriving Communities for All

Although access to affordable and high-quality healthcare is critical to health and well-being, we know that health happens largely outside of the doctor’s office—in the community where we live, go to school, work, play, and pray. We also know that many of our residents live in communities that lack the resources needed for good health and often shoulder a disproportionate share of threats or risks to health. Thriving communities with affordable, high quality housing; well-paying jobs; good schools; safe parks and welcoming community spaces; as well as affordable and high-quality healthcare, translate into positive health outcomes for their residents.

The Partnership for Healthy Communities is inspired by the possibility of this reality for all Delaware communities; as well as being inspired by a vision of equity in health. This prompts our work so that all of our residents can live in communities with the resources that are necessary to promote optimal health, and the burdens or threats to good health are minimized.


The mission of the UD Partnership for Healthy Communities is to align and strengthen University of Delaware research, educational, and service capabilities to improve the health and well-being of Delaware communities and beyond through effective community partnerships.

Focus:  We will focus especially on communities currently experiencing social inequities.

We seek to:

  • Connect community-based organizations and state agencies with existing University resources and faculty to advance shared interests in health promotion.
  • Build the University’s capacity for translational research—including interdisciplinary and multi-sector research and evaluation—that focuses on the development of healthy communities and populations.
  • Engage the University and broader community in health-related teaching and service that promote improved health outcomes at the population level and reduced health inequities across and within communities.
  • Inform state and national health policy discussions through research, program evaluation, and dissemination that focus on social determinants of health and health system improvements.

Please see our 2018 Annual Report: 

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