Ongoing Research Related to Health

Policy Briefs coming soon!

PHC is enhancing research capacity and translation in areas of community health promotion, social determinants of health (SDOH), health inequities and health policy.  PHC has established guidelines for PHC Policy Briefs to create a protocol and sustainable process for developing and disseminating objective, advocacy and/or translational briefs that can serve to inform state and national health policy discussions. The Partnership both initiates these briefs to guide cross-sector solutions that will be effective in achieving health equity, and develops specific briefs in response to local requests to help meet pressing community needs.  All briefs undergo peer review both internally and with external subject matter experts.

PHC briefs aim to: translate research into practice; provide resources and education for policymakers, practitioners, and other policy actors on the policy area, topic, and/or problem; provide a new approach to, and reframe what we know about, creating and maintaining healthy communities and addressing the social determinants of health; highlight the work of the University of Delaware and community partners throughout the state around evidence-based approaches to addressing health and the social determinants of health; and, promote the Partnership for Healthy Communities agenda, aligning with our mission and focus.

Student Research Posters on Social Determinants of Health

Poster presentation displaying the The Social Determinants of Health
Poster presentation displaying the Childhood Trauma & Lifelong Impact on Health
Poster presentation displaying the Income and Health Disparities
Poster displaying issues of housing and health
Poster displaying issues of transportation and health
Poster presentation displaying Sexual Orientation and Health Disparities
Poster presentation displaying hispanic and latino health

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