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Study Abroad

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The Center for Health Profession Studies offers study abroad opportunities for students to learn about healthcare in other countries. Typically, during the three-week microsemester students shadow physicians for 75 hours. These experiences can help applicants to health profession schools distinguish themselves from other applicants by giving applicants a different perspective on healthcare in other countries. In addition, the study abroad opportunities can provide shadowing hours for students interested in applying to physician assistant programs. The study abroad experiences are held in cooperation with the organization Atlantis . This organization provides onsite bilingual guides.

University of Delaware students at the Horta Hospital,
on the island of Faial, Azores, Portugal

The study abroad experiences include a course, ARSC 480 or 482, which is required for students in the Medical/Dental Scholar’s Program. Students in the Medical/Dental Scholar’s Program will enroll in one of the ARSC courses. All other students will enroll in HLTH 492. Students planning a health-related study abroad experience should read this article from The Chronicle of Higher Education about proper photography etiquette in foreign countries.

Not only do students spend time in hospitals and clinics, there are ample opportunities to participate in sponsored cultural excursions. Students can engage in sightseeing and interact with residents of foreign countries. In the past, students have gone to The Azores Islands; Budapest, Hungary; and Toledo, Spain.
University of Delaware students in Budapest, Hungary