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Health Professions Evaluation Committee

Welcome to the website for the Health Professions Evaluation Committee (HPEC). This committee supports UD students who are preparing to apply to medical, dental, optometry or podiatry school.

UD students submit an HPEC application dossier in the spring of their junior or senior year, or after graduation. A student’s dossier includes his/her/their/zir academic record, including overall GPA, HPEC math/science GPA, 3 letters of recommendation, the student’s personal statement, and documentation of shadowing and volunteering hours.

Each spring the Committee of local doctors, dentists and UD faculty interview each student that meets the Committee requirements (described below), and evaluates the student’s credentials for professional school admission. University-level recommendation is awarded to qualified students.

Evaluation by the HPEC is a one-time process for UD students who are fully prepared to apply to medical, dental, optometry or podiatry school. Acquiring the credentials to apply to these professional schools (outside of a structured post-baccalaureate preparation program) typically takes students 2-3 years. Thus, the HPEC urges students to:

1. Open a HPEC file when they know that their post-graduate goal is training in medical, dental, podiatry, optometry school.

2. Actively explore their chosen field and add to their files as they build their experience and credentials.

3. WAIT to go through HPEC evaluation until the spring prior to their planned application to their professional schools of choice, so that they have assembled the most competitive dossier possible.

The 2024 HPEC deadline for submission of a complete dossier is 11:59PM on Monday February 12th, 2024.

HPEC files for evaluation in Spring 2024 can be opened until 11/1/2023.

NOTE: It typically takes at least one year to complete the requirements for HPEC evaluation.  Opening a file on 11/1/2023 does not guarantee review of the file in Spring 2024.  Only files that are complete on 2/12/2024 (see the detailed HPEC file requirements on this site) will be reviewed in Spring 2024.

Please see here for a full description of the Spring 2024 requirements HPEC evaluation.

Please review the frequently-asked questions here BEFORE meeting with an advisor at the Center for Health Profession Studies.

We look forward to working with you as you prepare for HPEC evaluation!


Prof. Nauen

Faculty Director, HPEC

Center for Health Profession Studies


Interested in opening a HPEC file? Please complete this form here.