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How do I get started opening my dossier file?

Make an appointment with the Center of Health Profession Studies advisor to discuss opening an HPEC file.

NOTE: It typically takes at least one year to complete the requirements for HPEC evaluation. 

What are the full requirements for an HPEC dossier?

For the full requirements, see this webpage for more information.

How do I know if my dossier is competitive for acceptance to medical, dental, optometry or podiatry school?

A good place to start learning about the requirements and competitiveness for post-graduate training in medicine, dentistry, optometry or podiatry is by reviewing the information in the professional organizations for those professional schools:

American Dental Education Association

American Association of Medical Colleges

Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry

American Association of College for Podiatric Medicine

The Center for Health Profession Studies holds an HPEC informational meeting each semester which you can attend. Professional school requirements are also informally discussed at many of the Center’s events and in Center advising appointments.

Acceptance to medical school is highly competitive; application to medical school is expensive. Part of thinking about this career is educating yourself about the application process. There are many possible careers in the health profession – we encourage to consider the pluses and minuses of different paths as part of your preparation process.

What levels of recommendation are awarded by the Committee?

There are 3 levels of recommendation (Highly recommend [HR], recommend with enthusiasm [RE], recommended [R]), and a fourth category (not recommended at this time).

What if I disagree with the level of recommendation awarded by the Committee?

The Committee’s recommendation is final.

How long is my dossier retained by the Center for Health Profession Studies?

Your dossier is retained for 5 years from the date of Committee review.

Can I go through HPEC if I am applying to post-graduate study in a field other than medical, dental, optometry or podiatry?

HPEC is limited to students applying to the fields list above. If you are pursuing training in a different health profession, please contact the Center for Health Profession Studies for advisement.

Besides the required courses, are there recommended course?

Recommended courses: The HPEC recommends, but does not require, a year of English courses (i.e., two ENGL courses on your transcript). Be aware that honors and second writing are not relevant here – the courses must have an ENGL designation. Many medical and dental schools do require a year of English so be sure to check the requirements of the schools in which you are interested.

Other recommended courses: CHEM 214 or CHEM 527, BISC 300 or MMSC 270, KAAP 309, KAAP 310, PSYC 100, SOCI 201, SOCI 311,and STAT 200.

As it is important for dentists to think in 3 dimensions, many dental schools recommend a 3D art class. UD offers ART 200 Introduction to Video Game Design. This course has a section on 3D modelling students might find relevant.