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Looking for a free and easy way to gain shadowing hours for medical school? We are aware of two programs.

HEAL is led by doctors and medical school students, accepted by medical schools, and offers real patient encounters. They are also extremely flexible, while live sessions are every Wednesday 8 pm EST recordings are posted up to two weeks for the free shadowing course. Learn more about the life of a doctor, interacting with patients, and hearing about medical school through HEAL!

If you would like to enroll or just learn more about HEAL, visit https://www.clinicalshadowing.com or follow us on instagram @heal.ud for future updates!

Prehealth Shadowing is an organization providing virtual shadowing experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students can get shadowing hours for health programs such as medical, nursing, dental, pharmaceutical, PA, PT, and other health programs. Visit their website for more information