HLTH/THEA 215: Healthcare Communications

The Healthcare Theatre Basic Course focuses on building social and emotional intelligence through patient advocacy. Practice with the most basic of communication and interpersonal skills aid learner’s development of efficient situational and personal emotional/social intelligence awareness. Healthcare Theatre Basic students are taught how to effectively portray Simulated Participants and provide objective, character centric feedback to the simulated learners.

THEA/HLTH 314: Advanced Healthcare Theatre

Advanced Healthcare Theatre teaches students techniques regarding coaching and peer-assisted learning to provide quality assurance of simulations in the areas of standardization, feedback, and adherence to the ASPE Standards of Best Practice for simulated patient (SP) methodology. The major topics covered in this course include Leadership Training, Best Practices for Peer-Assisted Learning, Enhanced Healthcare Communication, and Constructive Self-Reflection.

HLTH/THEA 316: Healthcare Theatre Internship

The Healthcare Theatre Internship experience is designed to combine practical learning with a weekly seminar emphasizing leadership skills, program administration, project management, and development of professional acumen on an inter-professional team


When will the class meet?

This class will meet on the first three Thursdays from 6-9pm and then every Thursday for one hour (6-7pm) through the course of the semester. The first three Thursday classes are mandatory. No exceptions.  Following that, students will fulfill required performance hours that will be scheduled at various times and locations. These performance sessions will be scheduled outside of your other class times and work schedules.

How many credits is the class worth and what requirements does it fulfill?

Three (3) credits and this course will fulfill a requirement in any Theatre Minor and satisfies the University discovery learning requirement (DLE). This course also fulfills the Group A Breadth requirement. 

How many hours of performances will I be required to do per week?

Roughly equivalent to the amount of time you would spend on a three credit class, including class time and study time: Roughly 30 hours total

I’m not a Theatre Minor, and I don’t have a lot of background in acting.  Am I still allowed to audition?

Auditions are open to all undergraduates, regardless of major or minors, former acting experience is not necessary. As part of the course, the simulated performers will be trained in various acting techniques to portray a patient, family member, or other health care providers. Each student will also learn how to give professional feedback to healthcare providers following their simulation.

Will I be allowed to miss a class or any performance? 

The simple answer is no for the first three Thursday evening class periods. You cannot miss any of these classes. After the third week, your sessions will be scheduled outside of your regular class time. Since the time of these performances will be scheduled around your own classes, you then cannot miss any of these sessions. If there is a true emergency, we will have a substitute for you.

What happens if I am late? 

You cannot be late for any part of this course. It is like a theatre performance. If you have issues with being on time, do not take this course. 


Healthcare Theatre courses are offered every Spring and Fall semester. To schedule an interview and audition for an upcoming course offering, please read and complete the forms below. Once we receive your completed forms, we will contact you to schedule an interview and audition.


HT- Student Info Sheet F2023

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