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Haven’s Outreach department hosts educational programming in the forms of GRASP Panels and Trans Panels.
Gender Roles And Sexuality Programming (GRASP) Panels are panels of LGBTQ+ identifying students who educate the campus community about sexual orientation, gender identity/expression and the struggles of identifying as LGBTQ+. Panelists consist of Haven body members who share their coming out stories and experiences with identity development with the audience. After panelists share their stories, a Question and Answer portion is held that provides a comfortable forum through which audience members can ask about the lives and experiences of panelists. By providing a firsthand perspective about being LGBTQ+, GRASP Panels aim to break stereotypes and foster a campus that is more inclusive of LGBTQ+ individuals.
Duration: 50-75 minutes
Trans Panels: With national focus shifting towards the needs and experiences of transgender individuals, it is increasingly important that students and faculty can navigate conversations dominated by these issues. Designed for any majors/classes, trans panels offer students an opportunity to learn about transgender-related issues directly from the experiences of their trans-identified peers. Posited in an open response panel and question & answer format, trans panels provide 3-4 students the opportunity to touch on the unique experiences, struggles, and successes as members of the transgender community for the benefit of an onlooking class.
Duration: 50-75 minutes
TransBAM Program: It is increasingly important that students and faculty can navigate conversations about the needs and experiences of transgender individuals. Specifically designed for Biology and Pre-Med majors/classes, the Trans in Biology and Medicine Program is an introduction to transgender terminology and concepts which includes the role that biology plays in determining the difference between sex and gender. This educational presentation attempts to recognize both sex and gender as social constructs and improve the accuracy of discussion about transgender and intersex bodies in scientific and medical settings. TransBAM can also be given to non-Biology/Pre-Med classes if requested!
Duration: 50-75 minutes
How can I get these presentations?
Interested in having a GRASP Panel, Trans Panel, or TransBAM presentation?
Please email Nat V., Haven’s Director of Outreach and and Service, at outreach@udhaven.com with the date and time that you have in mind.

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