The History Workshop

The History Workshop brings together History Department faculty and graduate students with scholars from across the discipline for discussion of their research. Every Tuesday at 12:15, we gather in 203 Munroe for a brown-bag lunch and a talk that begins promptly at 12:30. The final half- hour of the Workshop is devoted to discussion. The Workshop has been a regular part of History Department life for thirty years now, and provides singular opportunities for intellectual conversation and exchange of ideas.

In recent years, audiences at History Workshop have heard from such speakers as:
Mia Bay, Rutgers University
David H. Bell, Johns Hopkins University
Jane Caplan, Bryn Mawr College
Patricia Cline Cohen, University of California at Santa Barbara
Alice Conklin, Ohio State University
Jane Dailey, Johns Hopkins University
Nancy Hewitt, Rutgers University
Martha Hodes, New York University
James Oliver Horton, George Washington University
Lois E. Horton, George Mason University
David A. Hounshell, Carnegie Mellon University
Winston James, Columbia University
Michael Kazin, Georgetown University
Angela Lakwete, Auburn University
Stephen H. Long, Lower East Side Tenement Museum
Joanne Meyerowitz, Yale University
Kathy Peiss, University of Pennsylvania
Noliwe Rooks, Princeton University
Robert Tignor and Jeremy Adelman, Princeton University
Barbara Dianne Savage, University of Pennsylvania
Clarence Walker, University of California at Davis
as well as scholars from University of Delaware faculty, students, and staff.

As you arrange your semester’s schedule, plan to make History Workshop a regular part of your Tuesday activities.

History Workshop Schedule

Roger Horowitz History Workshop