Current and Recent Dissertations

Jennifer Armiger, “The Gender of Industrial Decline: Reconsidering Sex Discrimination and Equal Opportunity at Western Electric, 1965-1985”

Rachael Beyer, “‘The Nation’s Youngest Capitalists”: How the Future Farmers of America shaped rural communities, agribusiness, and the modern American farmer, 1928-1993” (in progress)

Andy Bozanic, “The Acoustic Guitar in American Culture, 1880-1980”

Amanda Casper, ”Home Alteration in Industrial Philadelphia, 1865 to 1925”

Anastasia Day, “Productive Plots: Nature, Nation, and Industry in the Victory Gardens of the U.S. World War II Home Front” (in progress)

Christopher Chenier, “Cameras Into Cash-Registers: The Business of American Advertising Photography, 1930-1970” (in progress)

Jennifer Fang, “Another Chinese America: Negotiating Chinese American Identity and Suburban Life in the Cold War Era”

Michael Forino, “Capital Control: Capitalism, Technology, and Labor in American Prisons, 1894-1935” (in progress)

Gregory Hargreaves, “Edge-Effect Capitalism: A Deep History of American Industrialization” (in progress)

Ai Hisano, “Eye Appeal Is Buy Appeal: Business Creates the Color of Foods, 1870-1970”

Douglas Lantry, “From the Moon to the Museum: A Material History of Apollo Space Suits”

Alan Meyer, “Why Fly? A Social and Cultural History of Private Aviation in Post-World War II America: 1945-1985”

Michael Pospishil, “The Pursuit of Order in Revolutionary New York: Surveyors, Statesmen, and the Making of a Capitalist Landscape, 1757-1796”

Benjamin Schwantes, “Fallible Guardian: The Social Construction of Railroad Telegraphy in 19th-century America”

Benjamin Tomak, “There is a Balm in Maryland: Early-Modern Medicine in the English Atlantic World” (in progress)

Cristina Turdean, “Betting on Computers: Digital Technologies and the Rise of the Casino Industry (1950-1995)”

Katherine Turner, “Good Food for Little Money: Food and Cooking Among Urban Working-Class Americans, 1875-1930”

Jamin Wells, “The Shipwreck Shore: Marine Disasters and the Creation of the American Littoral”

Daniel Winer, “The Development and Meaning of Firefighting, 1650-1850”

Benjamin Wollet, “Spinning the Wheels: Americans and the Environmental Costs of Transportation, 1945-2007” (in progress)