Our Mission

The Graduate Student Government seeks to create a forum for graduate student advocacy while facilitating communication between students, faculty, and administration at the University of Delaware. The GSG supports campus-wide activities facilitating the graduate student professionalism and collegiality. In addition, the GSG seeks to influence the course of the University (1) through representation on university committees, (2) by expressing the views of the student body to the administration, and (3) by issuing statements of our position to the administration and media.

Our Logo

Our logo represents the most important functions of our organization – community building and advocacy.

Community Building: Each of the individual circles is the official color of one of the Colleges at UD. The overlapping circles represent the GSG bringing together students from all different colleges and programs.

gsg_logo_whiteCollege of Education & Human Development: Bright Blue
Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics: Russet
College of Agriculture & Natural Resources: Maize
College of Arts & Sciences: White
College of Health Sciences: Green
College of Engineering: Orange
College of Earth, Ocean, & Environment: Yellow-Gold

Advocacy: The shape of the non-overlapping portion of each circle resembles a megaphone, analogous to us “speaking out” on the behalf of our constituents, the graduate students.