CANR Departments & Majors

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Dean: Dr. Mark Rieger

Deputy Dean: Dr. Janine Sherrier

The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources ( offers graduate education through all of its academic departments: Animal and Food Sciences, Entomology and Wildlife Ecology, Applied Economics and Statistics, and Plant and Soil Sciences. Each department offers programs leading to the Master of Science (MS) degree; additionally, programs leading to the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree are offered in Animal and Food Sciences, in Entomology and Wildlife Ecology, and in Plant and Soil Sciences. The College also participates in the interdisciplinary graduate program in Water Science and Policy, which offers both MS and PhD degrees, manages an MS degree program cooperatively with Longwood Gardens in the area of Public Horticulture, and offers an MA degree in Agriculture Education through the Department of Applied Economics and Statistics. The College seeks highly qualified students interested in conducting basic and applied research that will lead to careers in academia, industry, government, and not-for-profit organizations.  Faculty members in all departments actively mentor graduate students, helping them to identify and conduct their graduate research projects.  Students are encouraged to publish their research and to participate regularly in local, regional, and national professional meetings.


Animal and Food Sciences

GSAC Team Representative: Sarah Markland

The Department of Animal and Food Sciences has three graduate degree offerings: the PhD in Animal and Food Sciences, the MS in Animal Science and the MS in Food Science. In Animal Science, a student may specialize in animal physiology and nutrition; avian microbiology, immunology and pathology; avian molecular biology, genomics, and bioinformatics; and ruminant nutrition, microbiology, and physiology. The MS program in Food Science includes research in food biochemistry, bacteriology, virology, parasitology, toxicology and processing, with an emphasis on applications to food safety and food processing and packaging.

To learn more, visit the UD catalog listing for Animal and Food Sciences.


Applied Economics and Statistics

GSAC Team Representative: Lijun (Ann) Chen

The Department of Applied Economics and Statistics conducts research focused on the study of quantitative economics, international agricultural trade, economic development, resource economics, marketing and policy. Graduate degrees offered include a MS in Agriculture and Resource Economics, a  MS in Statistics,  and a MA degree program in Agricultural Education.

To learn more, visit the UD catalog listing for Food Resource Economics.


Plant and Soil Sciences

GSAC Team Representative: Xu Wang

In Plant and Soil Sciences, graduate students may obtain both MS and PhD degrees.  Areas of study in the plant sciences include plant breeding, tissue culture, molecular biology, pathology, plant improvement, physiology and horticulture. In soil science areas of emphasis are soil chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, physics, conservation, and management.

To learn more, visit the UD catalog listing for Plant and Soil Sciences.


Entomology and Wildlife Ecology

GSAC Team Representativer: Dave Kalb

The Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology has three graduate degrees:  the MS in Entomology, the MS in Wildlife Ecology, and the PhD in Entomology and Wildlife Ecology.  These degree programs offer graduate students opportunities to engage in both applied and basic research dealing with insects, birds, mammals, and other wildlife.  Areas of emphasis include ecology, human-wildlife interactions, plant-insect interactions, biological control, conservation biology, and wildlife ecology in a human dominated landscape.

To learn more, visit the UD catalog listing for Entomology and Wildlife Ecology.


Longwood Graduate Program

GSAC Team Representative: Lindsey Kerr

A specialized MS program, the University of Delaware/Longwood program in Public Horticulture is a 2-year Master’s degree program requiring a thesis. Visit the program website to learn more:


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