Engineers Without Borders Talk

On March 9th, we hosted Lia Dawson, Grace Moran, and Olivia Powell from UD’s Engineers Without Borders chapter. The ladies mentioned that Since 2002, the EWB has completed 698 projects in 46 countries with the help of its 16,810 members from 300 different chapters. At UD, EWB has completed two projects since 2006 and is currently working on two right now. The UD chapter includes 60 students and a little over 10 professionals (faculty members).

The EWB’s mission is to build stronger communities by alleviating social, economic, and political issues and to build stronger global leaders by equipping students to become leaders who are fit to handle the world’s most pressing problems.

One of their projects was completed in 2013, in Guatemala. The ladies mentioned that the Guatemala community had been split by a river, which caused an issue for locals who couldn’t get to the other side during flooding. So, the EWB helped by building a sustainable bridge that could withstand a magnitude seven earthquake. Currently, they are helping people in the Philippines and Malawi.

The EWB also has a local outreach program that has produced 60 + service hours, bolstered community engagement, and created good, local partnerships. The EWB’s vision is to expand local presence, expand engineering capacity, and challenge its students. This will allow for it to build stronger communities, focusing on: community development, education, agency, and creating student leaders.

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