Climate Change Preparedness

Publicity Photo of Sue McNeil with Civil & Environmental Engineering

On September 23rd, 2016, Green Liaisons hosted UD’s Dr. Sue McNeil, ProfessorĀ of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Public Policy, and Administration. She presented to us on her research that examined the preparations being made by cities and regions for the impacts that climate change is likely to cause on infrastructure.

McNeil described the possible preparations for both mitigation of and adaptation to climate change, particularly in regard to the impacts of increased precipitation and flooding on roads, bridges, and foundations. Cities are taking actions such as building further inland, accommodating for occasional flooding, and elevating infrastructure or building seawalls.

For her research, McNeil surveyed the Mid-Atlantic region to identify the progress of metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) in making these preparations. She determined that MPOs have difficulty identifying the need for these preparations until a “disaster” (e.g. Hurricane Sandy) occurs, but then once a disaster occurs, communities are so overwhelmed by recovery that they cannot think about future planning. McNeil identified a need for a combination of engineering adaptations and climate change mitigation to produce successful planning.

If you would like to hear McNeil’s entire talk, please check out the video here!

The Newark Bike Project helps you “learn to do-it-yourself” through free repair facilities and community education

In April, Niki Suto, one of the founders of the Newark Bike Project came in to our Green Liaison Sustainability Lecture Series to share information about the sustainability of biking. The Newark Bike Project is a Newark-housed community program based on the Urban Bike Project of Wilmington. The mission of the program is centered on the three pillars of Community, Education, and Empowerment all housed under the umbrella of Sustainability. The initiative is about more than putting bikes on the road and getting cars off the road;

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