A Best Practice Approach to an Environmental Sustainability Committee

On Wednesday, May 9, 2012 two Office of Residence Life Environmental Sustainability Committee members, Amberdawn Griffith and Katie Pifer, spoke about their committee structure, best practices, and major initiatives. The goal of the talk was to provide more information to Green Liaisons about the Residence Life Environmental Sustainability Committee, look for collaboration opportunities, and share ideas.

The Environmental Sustainability Committee is strategic about providing opportunities for students to participate in sustainability initiatives and allows for centralized efforts in this area. Major initiatives this year have been Recyclmania, the Kill-A-Watt energy metering program, support of the installment of Hydration Stations in University Student Centers, and the creation of a student leadership position named the “Green Guide.” The Green Guide leadership position provides an opportunity for students to take the lead and partner in sustainability. The committee hopes that it helps students find environmental sustainability easier to practice than they think; that environmental sustainability really is accessible.

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The Newark Bike Project helps you “learn to do-it-yourself” through free repair facilities and community education

In April, Niki Suto, one of the founders of the Newark Bike Project came in to our Green Liaison Sustainability Lecture Series to share information about the sustainability of biking. The Newark Bike Project is a Newark-housed community program based on the Urban Bike Project of Wilmington. The mission of the program is centered on the three pillars of Community, Education, and Empowerment all housed under the umbrella of Sustainability. The initiative is about more than putting bikes on the road and getting cars off the road;

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Making a Home for Native Plants & Species through the Backyard Habitat Program

The November Green Liaison Lunch was host to Delaware Nature Society representative Greg Gagliano. Serving as the Backyard Habitat coordinator, Mr. Gagliano encourages us all to “bring our backyards to life!” Of course, he’d also be happy if we extended these same principles to the University of Delaware. Through the use of a sustainable gardening checklist and a quick application, your yard or any outdoor space adjacent to your office can be certified as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation.

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The Benefits of Organic Gardening

 Growing a Greener UD

At the October Green Liaisons Lunch, Dan Kasper, a PhD student at the Center for Environmental Policy, offered an enlightening and inspirational talk about Community Gardening. Mr. Kasper discussed the background of the Food and Gardening Policy Committee (FGPC) (of which Dan Kasper is chair), why organic gardening is beneficial, the community garden at the University of Delaware, and its successes and hopes for the future at UD. Mr. Kasper concluded his presentation (Link Above) with a list of resources and ways to get involved.  Continue reading