I am truly passionate about teaching, and it is my desire to create a type of atmosphere where students can meet their full potential. I believe my role as an instructor is to act as a guide assisting each student in developing their own skills and learning styles, and I try to achieve this by proposig different kind of activities that incorporate hands-on learning, cooperative learning, projects and individual work.


Get ahead – courses speed up, avoid falling behind by mastering content as it comes.

Ask questions – your instructors are rich in knowledge, tap into this resource while you can.

Be a lawyer – make your work indisputable evidence, convincing beyond any reasonable doubt.

Condense your notes – important ideas should be easy to find.

Stay positive – courses are designed to challenge you, don’t confuse a struggle for a failure.

More tips: give feedback!

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I am currently a TA for Calculus III (MATH 243). Here are some notes I will follow during the course.

Fall 2020

TA for Calculus III (Math243) – Section 20

TA for Calculus III (Math243) – Section 61

Spring 2021

TA for Calculus III (Math243) – Section 30

TA for Calculus III (Math243) – Section 70

Resources (students)

Paul’s Online Notes (link)

Khan Academy (link)

3blue1brown (link)



Resources (teachers)

MAA Instructional Practices GuideĀ (link)

Tips for Online Teaching (link)



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