Various Interests

Science Communication

I believe it is when scientists communicate effectively with the general public that science thrives. Engaging your audience and answering the “So what?” and “Why does it matter?” builds support for science, promotes understanding of its wider relevance to society, and encourages more informed decision-making. If you are interested, check out Quanta Magazine.


Music is one of my biggest passions. I played the violin since I was 8 and I listen to a lot of classical music. I also like modern music, and this is the link to an interesting jazz-classical project I was part of.

Further, Simone Cristicchi and Natalia Lafourcade are two of my favourite singers.


I enjoy photography a lot (street-photography in particular) – the world is beautiful and photography can capture that beauty.


I have always been fascinated by chess and I guess the town I grew up in played a role in this (check out here the re-enactment of the Human Chess Game).

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