A minor in global health is the ideal background for any student interested in pursuing a career in health and healthcare.  The courses will help students develop understanding of the influences of culture, environment, and nutrition on health practices and healthcare delivery throughout the world.  There are three required courses (9 credits) that lay the foundation for understanding issues in global health and three elective courses (9 credits) that offer a personalized curriculum that builds to the student’s professional interests. Please contact Amy Johnson ( with any questions.


Required Courses 9 Credits
ANTH/BHAN106 Intro to Anthropology of Health 3
HLPR233 Introduction to Global Health 3
HLTH245 Cultural Awareness for Health & Healthcare 3


Elective Courses 9 Credits
HLPR211 Introduction to Public Health 3
ANTH/BHAN302 Medical Anthropology 3
NTDT301 Cultural Perspectives on Food and Nutrition 3
ANTH/BHAN304 Culture, Health & Environment 3
ANTH/BHAN307 Nutritional Anthropology 3
SOCI413 Race and Health 3
NTDT455 Issues in International Nutrition 3


Elective Courses may include a maximum of 6 credits of the following
courses involving experiential learning:
Credit Amount
BHAN236 Health and Physical Activity 3
BHAN322 International Community Health 3
HLTH395 Global Internship in Health Sciences 1-6
**HLTH411 Topics in Health 3
**NURS411 Topics in Healthcare Delivery 3
**NURS412 Multicultural Topics in Healthcare Delivery 3
HLTH492 International Healthcare Practicum 3

** Approved for topics related to global health