Please watch the Institute for Global Studies website for study abroad opportunities in winter and summer semesters. Although many of the programs are developed with Arts and Sciences courses, some will fill your breadth, multicultural, and general education requirements. Check for program information here and the list of program opportunities here.


The faculty of our College have developed special global programs tailored to your learning needs in health sciences. Please look through our winter programs for opportunities to earn credits towards your major, fulfill requirements for your minor, see health and healthcare concerns outside of the United States, and experience your own growth in your professional self.



with the institute for global studies (IGS)


Study abroad programs vary every year and are posted on the IGS website in January a year prior to travel. Most programs fill early, some before the end of March, so please watch for information on interest meetings.

Programs that include an internship component include:

Nursing in the British and United States Virgin Islands with Diane Rudophi RN, MS

This 5-week program allows student to immerse themselves in the rich history, culture and beauty of the Caribbean islands and people. Students travel between US and British Islands to have both acute care and community/clinic experiences paired in an interprofessional collaborative manner 1-1 with nurses and HCP’s on the islands of St. Croix and Tortola.

Healthcare in Genoa, Italy with Dr. Don Lehman

Join fellow UD students for a unique study abroad experience in Genoa, Italy. The organization Atlantis provides opportunities for students interested in medical school and other health professions to shadow physicians in hospital settings and to learn about the European healthcare system. Students will be assigned medical preceptors and will experience 75 hours of shadowing in a hospital setting. Students who participate in this study abroad experience will gain an international perspective on healthcare, discern whether a health career is right for them, and help fine-tune their career interest.

Sports Medicine in Heidelberg, Germany with Dr. Thomas Buckley and Dr. Bill Farquhar

Whether you’re interested in sports medicine, learning the European perspective on sports medicine and physical therapy, and seeing southern Germany, Lausanne Switzerland, Paris France, and Amsterdam Netherlands, this winter session study is your chance to gain an international perspective on sports medicine and physical therapy. When you’re interviewing for a graduate program and they ask you what differentiates you from other students, you’ll have abundant answers from this study abroad opportunity

Healthcare in Ireland with Dr. Donna Trinkaus

This is an opportunity to experience the Irish healthcare practice setting, combined with the experience of Irish lifestyle and culture provides a broad educational experience in a safe, planned, and structured way. Students will learn how health practices in Ireland differs from others while exploring the world of Irish nursing and midwifery.

Programs that include an research component include:

Kinesiology in New Zealand with Dr. Todd Royer and Dr. Nancy Getchell

Study topics related to Kinesiology, the science of human movement, in New Zealand, a country known for its pristine natural beauty, physically active culture, and friendly inhabitants. With time split between two top ranked universities on the North and South Islands, you will learn about the biomechanics of outdoor activities through lectures, laboratory experiences and field based excursions such as hiking and kayaking. In addition, you will explore gender differences in sport and physical activity, comparing historical, physiological, psychological, and policy differences between the US and NZ. We have included a variety of cultural excursions relevant to both courses, such as the Otago Central Rail Trail, the Raglan EELs environmental education and the Kapiti Island tour as well as several experiences with Maori culture.

Nursing in Australia with Dr. Jenn Graber

This short program explores health and healthcare development in Sydney from the colonial settlement of convicts to the current healthcare system and health policy of Australia. Students will learn of historic and cultural concepts that are uniquely Australian while studying diversity of contemporary Sydney. Course work exploring the healthcare development includes understanding the implications of early settlements, government funding and priorities in healthcare, cultural beliefs and practices, and lifestyle of the people. Nursing and healthcare issues in Australia are contrasted to the US and global nations as students discover common themes in approaching health and healthcare.

Health Sciences in Australia & Hawaii (location changes each winter) with Dr. Amy Hagstrom

This program explores the local cultural differences as it applies to the health and healthcare considerations of the communities we examine. Students will learn of historic development of the areas visited while studying healthcare development includes understanding the implications of government funding and priorities in healthcare, cultural beliefs and practices, and lifestyle of the people. Site visits to historical and contemporary hospitals will allow students to gain a broader perspective comparing healthcare to that of the United States.

Other Programs: 

Nursing in South Africa & Tanzania with Lisa McBeth, MSN

Students will spend the month of January studying and traveling to South Africa and Kenya. Students will be able to evaluate health care services, asses needs in high-risk populations and formulate a plan of action.

Behavioral Health & Nutrition in South Africa with Dr. Steve Goodwin and Andrea Grim

Learn about the public health challenges in South Africa and examine how these issues are being addressed. Students will examine how the six components of health interact and how our actions impact our health as well as the health of others. We will also examine historical health practices, how income and social status may impact quality of care, and how we can address the health needs of those who are under-served.

Behavioral Health & Nutrition in Italy with Dr. Elizabeth Orsega-Smith and Dr. Beth Schwenk

Experience the Mediterranean lifestyle while visiting local markets of Rome, sampling the street foods of Florence, and participating in cooking classes and experiencing agriturismos in Tuscany. In addition, learn about the lifestyles of some of the centenarians and those long- lived older adults in Italy.


Our summer programs vary some every year and are posted on the IGS website in August a year prior to travel. Most programs fill before the end of October, so please watch for information on interest meetings and complete your application link early. Many of these programs are “freshmen friendly” and most offer courses to complete your minor in Global Health. For additional information on these programs, please contact Amy Hagstrom.