Why go global?

We believe that thinking and acting globally will help prepare our students to excel on campus and well beyond. Employers are keen to find innovative engineers with the soft skills to work in cross-cultural environments to solve some of our toughest global challenges. As we engage in a complex yet integrated world, it’s important for us to think about our field in new and exciting ways. We are inspired by social innovations in the technology sectors, opportunities for cross-cultural collaboration, and the creativity of our own campus community. Our aim is to foster a culture of global engagement in the College of Engineering to enhance our teaching, research and service through positive social impact. Join us in threading the spirit of adventure in academic excellence!



To empower our students, staff and faculty to engage thoughtfully in an interconnected world through collaborative learning, innovative research and impactful service.


UD Global Engineering Values

  • Appreciation and respect for other cultures, communities and individuals.
  • Concern for the safety and well-being of our students, staff, faculty and collaborators.
  • Shared responsibility to protect our natural environment beyond borders.
  • Passion for innovation and exploration.
  • Commitment to academic excellence.


Student Learning Goals

At UD Global Engineering, we strive to help our students become globally engaged citizens by:

  • fostering cultural awareness, including an appreciation of diversity and the different attitudes and values that inspire people around the globe;
  • developing leadership capacities, including empathy, respect, independence, curiosity, adaptability and resourcefulness; and,
  • strengthening the communication skills necessary to navigate new situations, convey ideas to diverse audiences, and reflect on new experiences.