UD Global Engineering encourages students to explore scholarships and grants as early as possible. There are numerous options available, but deadlines and requirements vary.

If you receive UD financial aid in the form of grants, scholarships and loans, your funding might apply to IGS Study Abroad programs and Global E3. Reach out to Student Financial Services to find out exactly what kinds of financial aid may be applied to your study abroad. The IGS Study Abroad office provides additional information on the mobility of your financial aid here. For more general questions about budgeting for study abroad, IGS offers advice for UD students.


Internal Funding

The Center for Global Programs & Services Need-Based Aid

Delaware Diplomats


External Funding

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

Fulbright Scholars

Freeman Scholarships (Asia)

Rotary Global Grants

Boren Awards


Study Abroad Funding Search Engines:

Institute of International Education (IIE) Study Abroad Funding

Diversity Abroad Scholarships

International Education Financial Aid (IEFA)



Money Geek Study Abroad Search Engine