A Farewell to London

Photos from my trip

Submitted by Griffin Smith on the 2024 Winter ENGL program in London, England…

22 days ago I remember being extremely nervous about traveling abroad by myself for the first  time. I recall a feeling similar to the one I get before a sports game or a class presentation; the  uncomfortable feeling in your stomach like you ate some bad food. To think now that, London feels like a  second home is crazy. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time living abroad, more so than I could ever have  imagined. Back home, I always enjoyed spending time in a city, but never for more than a couple of days,  I began to tire of city life and could never see myself actually living in one. But London is unlike any city  I have ever visited; perhaps that is because there is so much tourist stuff to do and our class schedule was  so packed that I was kept sufficiently occupied. London is such a diverse city, in its people, food, and  architectural design. One area can look completely different from another, making traveling interesting  and not trapping you in the same monotonous city style. I also loved the ease of transportation, with the  tube being both very easy to navigate and providing a feeling of safety I don’t get with the New York  subway. Although I am staying four days after the session is over, I will truly miss London when the time  comes for me to fly back, and I very much value this opportunity I could have to spend time in a new place overseas. (Submitted on January 28, 2024)