The City of Sydney

Submitted by Alyson Markley on the 2024 Winter HOSP program in Australia

This week we wrapped up our time in Manly which was the best beach town I have ever been to. After staying there for 2 weeks I grew very comfortable with the town and knowing where things were. Before transferring to staying in Sydney we had one of my favorite days so far. We went to the Featherdale Wildlife Reserve and afterwards we went for a hike at the Blue Mountains. We had the opportunity to see some animals that are native to Australia and pet them too. I had the opportunity to pet a kangaroo and koala which is something I never expected to experience. We had some of the coolest views during our hike, this was by far one of my favorite days. After this we had a free weekend in Sydney just to explore the city. We spent most of our time walking around and shopping, but tonight we went to see Gatsby at the Sydney Opera House. This was such a crazy experience and I am so glad we took the time to go. Tomorrow we fly out to New Zealand for the rest of our trip! (Submitted on January 21, 2024)