The Big Five

I am playing with one of the kids at the orphanage.

Submitted by Nicole Virzi on the 2024 Winter CRJU program in South Africa

While in South Africa, I have had the opportunity to work with children in an orphanage. The Children range from newborns to around 10 years old, all with different stories. Many of the Children have faced abuse, and have been there since they were born. The children are bright, funny, creative and kind to one another. The staff here is amazing, taking care of each child as if they were their own. One day, our group made lunch for the children, and we made them ham and cheese croissant sandwiches. The children loved it, and said it was their first time having a croissant. Most days we did various odd chores, whether that included folding laundry, mopping, or helping cook meals, but most of our time there included just playing with the children. I really connected with so many of the children and was heart broken when our time with them was over. (Submitted on January 23, 2024)