First Week in Sydney!

Submitted by Anna Hintz on the 2024 Winter NURS program in Sydney, Australia…

I had a great first week in the land down under! After the long 17 hour flight to Sydney, we wasted no time to start exploring the city. My roommate and I started off the trip by stopping by Bondi Beach to get some sun. We were very surprised by how easy it is to use public transportation in the city! We mainly use the train and the bus to get around. The next day, I finally got to see the famous Sydney Opera House and explore the historical Rocks. We also toured the Botanical Gardens within the city. We learned about the native flora and fauna and the healing properties they offer to the Australians. We even got to taste some plants and berries! I was very excited to learn about Australian healthcare during our visit to the Ministry of Health and the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. It was interesting to hear how different their nursing programs are compared to the United States. Can’t wait for this upcoming week of adventures! (Submitted on January 21, 2024)

Simulation room in Royal Prince Alfred Hospital