Day in the Elephant Park

Feeding the Elephants

Submitted by Taylor Cannon on the 2024 Winter FINC/BUAD program in Chiang Mai, Thailand…

During our time in Chiang Mai, we got to visit this elephant park in northern Thailand. This was one of the most enchanting attractions we had the privilege to attend and being able to closely interact with these elephants was a once in a lifetime experience. The elephant park we attended highlighted their commitment to conservation, education, and providing sanctuary for elephants. We had the opportunity to feed, walk with, and even get in the water and clean the animals in an ethical and safe way for both visitors and the majestic creatures. They also taught us about the daily diet of the elephants (which includes around 500 lbs of grasses and bananas daily) along with their typical lifestyle and what is required to take care of them. 

It was incredible to be able to get so close to the animals and understand their behavior on the closest level possible. Elephant parks in Chiang Mai emphasize they are not only a tourist attraction, but a journey into the heart of responsible tourism and wildlife conservation. I will be forever grateful for this astounding experience and hope others have the chance to come here if they can too! (Submitted on January 21, 2024)