A Trip to Córdoba

A dog I met in the streets while listening to live music.

Submitted by Jack Mullarkey on the 2024 Winter GRIIS program in Granada, Spain…

My second week in Spain included a trip to Córdoba, the capital of the region of Andalusia in southern Spain. Our day started at 7:30 AM with a two and a half hour bus ride from Granada through the countryside to Córdoba. The first look is definitely something unforgettable, the city requires you to cross a bridge over the Guadalquivir river to enter the city. Once in the city, you are greeted by its white houses, palm trees, and giant religious buildings. 

What makes Cordoba so interesting is that it has influences of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim cultures. You can find churches, mosques, and synagogues all within a few minutes of each other. La Mezquita is actually a mosque with an entire cathedral inside of it. When Spaniards took control of the predominantly Muslim south, they occupied the preexisting mosque and integrated what already stood with the aesthetics of the Christian religion. My favorite part was the Patio de los Naranjos, a courtyard and garden filled with orange trees. 

Visiting Córdoba allowed me to be exposed to a distinct Spanish culture outside of Granada. Learning about the influences of religion and history on modern-day Spain has allowed me to both improve my Spanish skills and become exposed to a way of life I would have never known if I never visited. (Submitted on January 23, 2024)

A view of the entrance to La Mezquita.