Pizza Making

Submitted by Logan Devaric on the 2024 Winter HIST program in Italy…

This week my favorite thing we did was a pizza making class. As a group we got a lesson about the flour used for pizza along with the authentic technique in making pizza. We started off with the dough, which we did not get to make because it had to be made the day before. We got to snack on meats, cheeses, and Italian cola while we listened. Then it became time to start making pizza, we took turns going behind the counter, which was exposed so customers can watch the pizza making. The dough was very soft and fragile, so it was important to knead and spread the dough in a certain way. We spread it out with our fingertips, then flipped it over to do the same. We can ensure there was not a lot of four on the bottom of the pizza before you add toppings because otherwise it will burn. Then place a scoop of sauce, not too much so it does not become hard to handle. Then take one ball of mozzarella and rip it up with your hands and place it on the pizza as you see fit but leaving a crust. Place in the rotating oven with one big swoop and it cooks for two minutes. Then take it out, add olive oil and basil and the pizza is ready to go.

This class really emersed you in the Italian culture as pizza is such an important part of Italian culture. Although delicious it still came with some culture shocks, no matter where you go the pizzas are personal. There is no sharing, no matter the size. Another thing is that they do not cut the pizza into slices for you, but you do it yourself with a fork and knife. The food is one of the best parts about being here in Florence. (Submitted on January 17, 2024)

Pizza Making Process