Exploring Budapest

Submitted by Elena Lynn on the 2024 Winter UAPP program in Budapest, Hungary…

Budapest, Hungary is an amazing place to visit. It has great architecture and lots of activities to do. It is a very unique city in that the Danube River splits it into two sections, Buda and Pest. We are staying on the Pest side. In our first week in Budapest, we got to explore both sides of the city.

On January 11th, we went to the Buda hills. We got to see the castle and learn about the history of Hungary and how that relates to their identity and culture. We also got to try traditional Hungarian dishes such as Chicken paprikash and Hungarian goulash.
After dinner we got to look across the Danube River and see St. Stephen’s Basilica, the Chain Bridge and the Hungarian Parliament.

On January 12th, we stayed in Pest and we went to the Terror Museum. In this museum we got to learn about life in Hungary when the country was occupied by both the Germans and the Soviet Union. It was very eye opening to learn about how these
events influenced life in Hungary. The city is beautiful and the architecture is captivating. I can’t wait to explore more of the city and learn about the history of Hungary! (Submitted on January 14, 2024)

Overlooking the Danube River