Last Weeks in London

Submitted by Leopold Pullella on the 2023 spring semester program in London, England…

Visiting the Natural History Museum

Above is a photo of me walking to the store at night near my flat. This photo depicts the simple and peaceful life around my home. Not only that, it also points out that I feel that London, at least the area I live in, is much safer than some parts of my hometown in America. It’s especially blissful to be out in London at night because there aren’t usually a lot of people around, offering a unique nightly experience to anyone who visits London. (Submitted during Week 11)

Today, I went to the Natural History Museum in London with Simone and Cassy. The museum was surprisingly small but offered a lot of interesting content, as you can see from the numerous people that were there with us. I was particularly impressed by this large skeleton of a dinosaur. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of this enormous creature, but I do know that I was fascinated by the size comparison to myself. I plan on exploring more museums during my time here in London. (Submitted during Week 12)

Once again, I was with Cassy and Simone and we went to Chinatown to eat at a place called “Beijing Dumplings” which my orchestra maestro Dr. Allen Anderson suggested we go to. I am so thankful for Dr. Anderson’s recommendation because the food was delicious! They gave us the most savory meat dishes, the tastiest fried rice, and some of the best dumplings I have ever had. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who visits London! (Submitted during Week 13)

Visiting Chinatown and “Beijing Dumplings”

I tried churros for the first time in the Greenwich market! Cassy, Simone, and I had been planning to go to this market as we started to approach the end of the semester. As I mentioned before, I love to try new foods and this market was a great opportunity for that. My favorite food was from the Greek stand. The people there were so friendly and the makers of all of the jewelry and other products were so talented. I want to try to find a market like this one back in America! (Submitted during Week 14)

Our time at CAPA is drawing to a close and this will be my last blog post. As many people know, this is the famous Elizabeth Clock that houses the beautiful tones of Big Ben. On this day, Cassy, Simone, and I decided to explore more areas of London in Westminster. While there, we decided to get some lunch at half past 1 pm as a final get-together before we go back to our home towns. Cassy and Simone were kind enough to let me stay until 2 pm to hear the iconic sound of Big Ben. I was so excited to be quite literally hearing history. My time at CAPA has helped me build friendships I expect to last a lifetime as well as ignite my interest in exploring other cultures in many different areas of the world. I am extremely thankful for this opportunity to study abroad in London. (Submitted during Week 15)

Last goodbyes to Big Ben and London