St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations!

Submitted by Audrey Berry on the 2023 spring semester program in Limerick, Ireland…

Coffee and flowers in Limerick City

Not much happened this week in particular. Although, the school was certainly very busy! This week was something known as RAG week – this is a week where students participate in a selfless activity that helps the community. However, it also means you skip your classes and go out and party! It was definitely a new experience for me. A lot of the clubs in the city had a theme each night to entice students to attend. Personally,  I chose to relax more this week although I did participate on Tuesday. I also went to the little market in town on Saturday. The daffodils are in bloom and they had a wonderful bouquet! I also got a nice coffee and some kebabs- I would’ve never guessed kebabs would be so popular in Ireland! Next week we are going to Amsterdam! I am so excited and cannot wait to update. (Submitted during Week 7)

This last week was absolutely fantastic! My girlfriend and I took a trip to Amsterdam over the weekend! Oh my goodness, it was one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to – the architecture is a mixture of modern and royal and the people are consistently kind despite the high number of tourists. We also got to experience the range of weather (sun, rain, and snow), which is expected in early March. We stayed in a little hotel room in the center of the city, and it surprised me how inexpensive it was for it being so close. We experienced many things; a boat ride, an interactive light show, the cheese museum, etc. But the most shocking part was definitely the red light district – I see why it’s internationally known, definitely…. unusual. Overall, this was a lovely trip and I sincerely hope to visit again. (Submitted during Week 8)

This week was Saint Patrick’s day, and being in Ireland it was certainly a big deal. On the day itself me and my friends went to cork city. We saw a parade and went to a festival! I was surprised at how many things didn’t occur on the day itself but rather the next day, which unfortunately we did not realize until we got to Cork. That was okay though because the next day we went to Limerick City and had a ball! We went to a festival, rode on a ferris wheel, and then went out that night. I was speaking to an Irish person and apparently, this holiday is far more important for foreigners than for the Irish themselves! Who would’ve guessed? (Submitted during Week 9)

Limerick City Market