Greece: Visit to Delphi

Submitted by Dara McNally on the 2022 spring semester program in Athens, Greece…

This past weekend was Delphi and another unusual bout of snowfall. This trip was delayed since January due to snow because of road closures. Turns out Delphi and Arachova are still quite beautiful even in the snow! Though, I have been informed that snow and cold this close to spring is unusual. Hopefully, as March wraps up, it’ll get warmer! But back to Delphi… I am constantly reminded that in Greece you are surrounded by history at all times. It is truly something marvelous to walk among the relics. This is absolutely not something you can experience much of back home, if at all. People lived here long ago and used the buildings back in their prime and that’s just fascinating to imagine.

As for foods I would recommend: if you like gyros, try skepasti! It’s got all the elements of a gyro, but rather than all wrapped up, it’s like a panini pizza (strictly in terms of shape, it does not taste like pizza, it tastes like a gyro, but flat)! Perfect for sharing or for leftovers the next day!