Spain: From Madrid to Heaven

Submitted by Emma Straw on the 2020 spring semester study abroad program in Madrid, Spain…

They have a saying here in Madrid, “De Madrid al cielo”. It means, from Madrid to heaven and for the locals here, it means that once you’ve been to Madrid, the only place that tops it is heaven. Now whether you’re religious or not, this saying truly encompasses the nature of the city and its people. Madrid is one of a kind, with its variety of quiet neighborhoods, bustling parks and streets, collection of museums, and amazing nightlife. There’s something for everyone in this walkable and livable city.

Now, everyone’s probably wondering how we’re doing with COVID-19. For the next 15 days, Madrid’s government has closed all schools and universities so my classmates and I will be watching video recordings and emailing professors for the next two weeks. While this isn’t what I expected would happen during my time abroad, I am so thankful to have had three amazing months here before this pandemic hit. Keep your fingers crossed that we’ll still be in Madrid after the two weeks are up!

Now while I go catch up on some textbook readings, enjoy these pictures from my weekend trip to London!