Washington, D.C. : Really Interesting

Submitted by Kelly Read on the 2019 spring semester program in Washington, D.C. …

My first two weeks of work in D.C. were really interesting. It was a lot of adjustments and meeting new people as well as establishing a daily routine at home and in the office. I love what I am doing though, getting to attend briefings that discuss relevant issues today is great. I also got to watch the impeachment trial and witness history in the making. So far, the opportunities that will be available to me this semester are ones that I need to ensure I take advantage of. The intern program that I am a part of is well structured and I was placed in an issue area of education and agriculture, two things that I find very important! I have fortunately bonded with the other interns in the office and they come from all different backgrounds and all have different reasons as to why they are interested in politics and government.  It is a refreshing environment with new ideas and creative thinking. Overall, I love the city and even after a stressful day at the office or a chill weekend, I can find a way to appreciate the little wonders this city has to offer. I made a stop at the National Botanic Gardens on a particularly intense day to take a breath!

National Botanic Garden “Tropics” Room