Tanzania: Komemo Coffee Plantation

Submitted by Niki Ganjeizadeh on the 2020 winter session study abroad program in Kenya and Tanzania sponsored by the School of Nursing…

Today, I traveled to a beautiful estate called Komemo to learn about the coffee making process and history of the plantation. The process of coffee making is more complex than I ever thought.

When I arrived, I heard a brief history of the land and the owner’s story. The plantation is owned by a British family who brought the coffee plant with them to Tanzania. The type of coffee plant they grow is called Arabica and the flavor is a cross between Mocha and Burbon flavoring. I found the most interesting part of the tour to be the roasting process. There is only a minute difference in how long the bean is roasted to create the difference in dark roast and espresso coffee. Another interesting fact is how oxygen interacts with the coffee. When oxygen gets into the bean it causes it to be stale. Good coffee bags have a seal that is a one way valve, letting gases out and preventing the oxygen from getting in.

Although I have been on a primarily nursing progam, I like having the opportunity to learn about new topics. Going on excursions and interacting with the culture, helps me enrich my interactions with patients here. Coming back to the United States, I have learned the importance of patient connection. If you understand the culture and area you are working in, you can form a deeper connection with your patients.