Italy: Pizza Making

Submitted by Matthew Kaminstein on the 2020 winter session study abroad program in Italy sponsored by the Department of Finance and the Department of English…

It is incredible how fast this study abroad program has gone!  While I’ve been lucky enough to explore Italy for about 25 days, it’s crazy how only a week remains in this beautiful country.

This past week, we continued to learn about Italian culture, including an event that involved pizza making!  Learning the art of pizza making and what contributes to a good pizza was one of the most interesting things I’ve experienced in Italy.  The man who ran the pizza shop we went to spoke only in Italian, but it was evident how passionate he was about pizza.  He told us that it takes him approximately 5 minutes from start to finish for him to complete one pizza, a vast difference from the United States where it could take 15-20 minutes.  His passion for his craft was further illustrated by him running a family-oriented business and his eagerness to teach us.  Not only was it awesome to make a pizza, but it was delicious as well!

Pizza making