Italy: Feels Like Home

Submitted by Olivia May on the 2020 spring semester program in Rome, Italy…

This week in Rome, I truly started to feel like I was home. I felt this while walking to and from class and various other activities with the sun out and the orange and yellow shaded buildings by my side. Seeing the sunshine and the traditional Roman buildings beside me put me in an instantly better mood since this week I also started to feel the stress of upcoming exams and mid-terms. At this point, about a month in, I am able to confidently take any form of public transportation and find my way around the city! I’ve also learned a few phrases and words to help me in my daily routine like saying excuse me when squeezing by people as I get off the train or asking for a bag at the grocery store. I have even found myself when I travel to other countries on the weekend wanting to say “ciao” or “grazie” because I’ve become so accustomed to saying these words in Italian.

A picture from Saint Paul’s Outside the Walls, one of the four famous churches in Rome