Hawaiian Immersion

Submitted by Mackenzie Short on the 2020 winter session study abroad program in Hawaii sponsored by College of Education and Human Development…

As my time in Hawaii comes to an end, I decided to explore the island one last time. I was able to visit the Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens and the north shore of Oahu. The botanical gardens capture the beauty that is Hawaii with mountains and lush vegetation. While the north shore shows a different side of the island. It is very different from the Manoa and Waikiki area where I am studying. Oahu’s north shore has less tourists and is similar to a quiet beach town. It is so interesting to see how different places are on Oahu even though the island is so small.

As I reflect on my study abroad experience, I feel grateful for this opportunity. This was an amazing experience I will remember for a lifetime. I made great memories and met lifelong friends. Most importantly, I learned about disability in the context of Hawaii and how to be a better professional in my future career. I was also able to immerse myself in Hawaiian culture and history while living there for a month.

Sunset over Diamond Head
Banzai Pipeline on North Shore
Views from the Botanical Garden

Plants at the Botanical Gardens