Italy: A Small Tuscan Town

Submitted by Julia Bachar on the 2020 winter session study abroad program in Italy sponsored by the Department of Philosophy…

What a different week this has been. We spent eight nights in Volterra, a very small Tuscan city, and our time there was a much different experience from Rome and Florence. There was not much to do, but the sights were absolutely breathtaking, and it was much needed to have relaxation time and be able to do schoolwork. We had an excursion to Pisa, which was amazing and also a day trip to my favorite place yet, Siena. The language barrier in Volterra was definitely a little inconvenient, and I had to use Google Translate a few times when I was trying to communicate. Being in the small town with not much to do really let my group get closer with one another, as there was more interaction than in the big cities. Next stop is Venice, and I am excited for the beauty it has to offer.