Czech Republic: Calling Prague Home

Submitted by Lia Naselli on the 2019 fall semester program in Prague, Czech Republic…

I cannot believe it’s been almost three weeks since I arrived in Prague. Time is really flying. With all of the exciting activities and beautiful sites, I still seem to experience my fair share of anxiety. Sometimes, it is hard to motivate myself to get out of the apartment and try new things, especially when I don’t have anyone to keep me company. Exploring a foreign city on your own can be really scary. However, I have been trying to push myself to get out there and familiarize myself with my new home.  On Friday, I ventured out to the Žižkov Television Tower, famous for the giant baby sculptures climbing up the side! It was truly a sight to see. I’m really glad I went on my own. It felt good to go at my own pace.

On Saturday, my roommates and I decided to check out the farmer’s market by the Vltava River, which runs every Saturday from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. The weather was absolutely beautiful. The market seemed to go on forever, with countless produce and flower stands, jewelry vendors, and traditional Czech foods. My favorite part was all the dogs! Czech people love dogs, so there’s never a shortage of adorable dogs walking through the streets of Prague. Often times, they’re not even on leashes! Speaking of dogs, pictured below is probably the best hot dog I’ve ever had. We sat by the river with our hot dogs and watched the swans swim by. Later that day we visited the famous Prague Castle. It is a must-see and we will definitely be going back at some point.

After our action-packed Saturday afternoon, I started to feel a little better. It will take some time to feel completely adjusted. There will be good days and bad days. My goals for this week are to be more patient and not set my expectations too high. Cheers, to the adventures to come!