France: Paris Fashion Week

Submitted by Gabrielle Distefano on the 2019 winter session study abroad program in Paris, France sponsored by the Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies…

Paris Fashion Week. You hear about it, read about it, see the pictures, but very select people actually get to experience it. This week I was one of those select individuals. Monday kicked off our first show at George’s Hobeika Haute Couture Show. I, along with the other students on my program went in not knowing what to expect, but we were so excited just to be a part of it. We were taken backstage to dress the models and ensure they got on to the runway in time. It was hectic, but amazing. The couture dresses were beautiful and the finale dress was a dream! The show ran so smoothly, so it set the perfect tone for the next days of shows to come.

The next two days, I also worked the Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture Show, as well as Yanina Couture. The designs were so beautiful at all three shows, but my favorite was Yanina Couture. Every dress coordinated with one another and each was such a unique design that made them so stunning!

It’s amazing all that goes on behind the scenes, and this experience people within the industry to have. It was super cool to see pictures of your model walk down the runway that you dressed and got to know along the way. I am so grateful for this experience. It was a lot of long days, but it truly was a once in a lifetime opportunity I would have no received without this study abroad trip!