Reflecting on a Month in Spain

Submitted by Valeria Coverdale on the 2018 summer session program in Granada, Spain sponsored by the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures…

Someone once asked me what I thought happiness was and I answered that it was an extension of my emotions into snapshots of joy and growth that have and or will occur in my life. I can say with confidence that my program to Spain produced more of these snapshots for me to carry forever.  Yet, I was hesitant to embark on a journey that would have me change almost my entire lifestyle for an entire month.

Adjusting to new customs, making new friends, living with a new family seemed daunting, but as I write this, I could not be happier. My host family and roommate were the most welcoming and funny people I could have hoped to be with, plus the added everyday interactions with Sophia, my two-year-old host sister, were nothing less than exciting.

Granada proved to be a city that encompasses the liveliness of the modern era while still preserving the decades before it in its architecture, and even the people that live within it. The Spanish people surprised me every day with their humbleness and yet a pleasant stubbornness and humor that I have grown familiar with even back in my own home. In the month that I spent in Spain, I settled into Granada, traversed Sevilla, explored Cordoba, dipped into the waters of the Mediterranean in Malaga and much more. Not to mention,we traveled with some of the most expressive tour guides I have ever meet (shout-out to Ana and Pepe).

Now back in America, I can properly reflect on my experience in Spain and say it was one of the best times of my life and it has left me with memories that I will recall forever. Studying abroad has been one of the best decisions that I have decided to take part in and I would highly recommend it to anyone that is thinking about embarking on a wonderful journey.

Alhambra in Granada
In the Alhambra
Court of Lions – Alhambra
Generalife – Alhambra
Granada Cathedral
La Giralda – Sevilla
Monachil – Sierra Nevada