Prague, Czech Republic: A Quiet City

Submitted by Sophia Vassar on the 2018 winter session study abroad program in France sponsored by the Department of English…

During our time in Paris, we have the weekends free and I always knew I wanted to travel on the weekends to see as much of Europe as I possibly could. After debating between Prague and Amsterdam, we finally decided on Prague and boarded a plane Thursday evening.

Not knowing much about Prague, I knew I wanted to hit the Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle. We headed to the Charles Bridge first and walked down the quiet bridge taking in the beautiful views of the water and castle you could see in the distance peeking through the burgundy rooftops. Though Prague is a city, you don’t feel the hustle and bustle you would expect from most cities.

The Prague Castle was so large it is hard to think that this was someone’s home at one point in history. We visited the beautiful cathedrals on the royal grounds and exhibits explaining the history of the castle. The Gothic architecture was more and more breathtaking as we continued exploring. The exhibits showed the clothing, glass wear and jewelry the rulers of the Prague Castle used and wore. Exiting the beautiful grounds, you can see all of Prague and it was truly magical.